Shadowrun Seattle

Paramilitary My Ass

The beast slain, the group searched the tunnel and picked the pockets of the unfortunate corpses left behind of the anons RZR had sent to their doom. Though Evelyn was eager to autopsy the beast and figure out exactly what secrets its manufacturing may hold, 3-Cil was more interested in trying to find where it came from and if there was a way into the Knights Errant facility somewhere above them. Evelyn was able to take a cursory search of the mage killer and found a multitude of obviously surgical scars though wasn't able to make any determinations off that without a more detailed search.

Following the beast's easy trail of claw marks through the stone, the group came to a collapsed wall in the old tunnel that connected to the city's sewers. Prior to actually venturing into the muck and filth, Nil left his body and searched the astral version of the sewers. He didn't have to search long before discovering a four-way intersection with one tunnel covered in a mana barrier through the floor and ceilings, quite a powerful one from its aura.

There was enough of a path presumably for city workers that the group felt safe traveling into the sewers and keeping their boots clean to check out the barrier. Evelyn and Nil both tried dispelling the barrier but were unable to overcome its magic. That failing, the rest of the party resorted to more traditional measures, firing their guns and Ella eventually throwing a high-explosive grenade.

The grenade didn't have its desire effect as Nil could see the barrier, though cracked, was still intact. However, he saw something more troubling as several forms started coming down ladders into the tunnel. The party hid around a corner and watched as two Knights Errant soldiers came out and began sweeping the area. Not wanting to give them a chance to be found out, the party attacked, firing bolts of mana and more traditional projectiles, taking a grenade and a few rounds back but ultimately prevailing. 

Unfortunately for them, this was likely an entrance to the Knights' facility and was therefore not something easily breached. As they checked the guards, a blast door slammed shut over the entrance, the echo of its closing being almost immediately broken by the sound of approaching drones. Nil quick threw up a mana barrier of his own and not a moment too soon as the drones rounded the corner and crashed into the barrier, engulfing the surrounding area in fire and shrapnel but failing to penetrate the barrier. Scarcely giving them a moment to react, the ringing in their ears was followed up by the pounding of dozens of boots from down the adjoining tunnels, more soldiers approaching.

RZR took control of 3-Cil's grenade-armed drone and flew it down one of the tunnels, seeing now fewer than ten Knights coming down the tunnel before they shot the drone down. 3-Cil unfortunately did not read the drone's manual very well as the grenade that detonated with the drone was a smoke grenade which did not slow the Knights in the slightest.

Eventually discouraging Ella from waging an assault, the party fled back to the old tunnels, bringing one of the Knight's and the mage killer's remains with them. In the back of the Troll Van, Evelyn did a quick search of the Knight's corpse and was able to find an implanted tracking device, sticking it to some unfortunate citizen's car before they fled.

The Knight was stripped of any valuable gear, his mostly intact armor and rifle, but ditched his body before returning home. The autopsy of the mage killer revealed that it was either a grown or modified human, not an entirely artificial organ. It had extensive and complete sets bioware organs, including some redundancies, all marked with a barcode but definitely not something you'd find on the market. Most notably, it had a small organ embedded into its brainstem that was something more likely to be found on a dragon or some other horrid magical critter – a small, bean shaped gland marked with a tracery of blue scars, similar to the lines of energy the creature demonstrated when it was alive. Assuming it would be useful, or at the very least valuable, Evelyn preserved the organ for further research.

It was a busy day and everyone took a well-deserved rest, aiming to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for whatever fun they would get into tomorrow.


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