Shadowrun Seattle

Down by the Docks

The following day was filled with lots of fun and exciting tasks prior to attempting a daring midnight robbery later that night, though only one of them actually had to do with preparing for the robbery.

Nil and Evelyn researched the magical gland extracted from the mage killer and came to two possible conclusions on its use – they could either implant it into someone and it would (probably) grant them some of the magical powers the best had or they could make a tincture from it that would enhance the imbiber's magical prowess, albeit temporarily. Both ideas sounded good but one conclusion couldn't be agreed upon so the gland continued to be safely stored in its new cryovac home.

Meanwhile, RZR spent a lot of money on some new drones and a variety of accessories for them. While waiting impatiently for those to be delivered, he hacked into the Seattle Port Authority's records and found some very not useful information on the ship arriving tonight. It looked to mostly be consumer goods from various Japanese corps destined for the shelves of Seattle's finest retail outlets, but there was nothing being shipped from Horizon and nothing marked as any sort of medical supply. Given the intel they had, the only conclusion was that someone was paying some decent nuyen to keep this under wraps.

That night, the gang took the Troll Van and their various bikes to the docks. RZR's new drone scouted far up above and saw ten very armed guards decked out with all sorts of 'ware that were most definitely not on the SPA's payroll. At the gate itself, keeping a semblance of normalcy, was a single security guard with a utility belt of gadgets but definitely still civilian.

Hatching a cunning plan, Evelyn made Nil invisible while RZR and Niles scouted from drone and rooftop. Thinking quickly on her feet, Evelyn made some ghost noises outside the gate in an attempt to scare the guard off, or something like that. It did certainly get his attention though and brought him close enough for the gate for Nil to blast him with a stun spell. The guard proved tougher than you would've guessed though as it didn't completely knock him out, only on his ass. After Evelyn hesitated with what exactly to do while the guard was attempting to radio for help, 3-Cil climbed the fence and bashed the guard's nose in, finishing the job Nil's spell started.

The group brought the guard into the guard house then connected a commlink to the computer there, giving RZR easy access to its systems and control of the gate and its alarm, letting the other and the Troll Van in. Meanwhile, the shipping containers started getting removed from the boat and the forklift drones began unloading the goods to a warehouse. When one of the crates was more closely watched and opened by the armed guards rather than dockhands, RZR hacked one of the drones to drive the guarded shipment out of the warehouse and another one to drive away the guards. The guards gave pursuit after the runaway drone but were enclosed in Evelyn's mana barrier which was far from impenetrable but did slow them enough that they were able to load the shipment into the Troll Van and get the hell out of there.

After removing any tracking devices from the shipment, they vanned home and were eager to see the fruits of their labors. Oddly, the big crate, like some bad joke at Christmas, contained only a small box which itself contained only four bottles of pills. Evelyn kept one of herself for research purposes while the other three would be turned over to her friend at EVO for a handsome reward. Not too shabby for one night's work.


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