Shadowrun Seattle

In Sight of the God of War

The slight passage of time had not changed the prisoner's mood an. Still uncooperative, the group decided it was time to cut him loose, but not without first pumping him full of roofies to try blacking out some of his memory then knocking him unconscious and implanting a dozen or so tracking devices under his skin and in his clothing, using magic to heal him up and hide the scars. After dousing him with booze, they loaded him into Ella's Troll Van and dumped his body down by the riverside in a bad part of town. Should the tracking devices fail, they also kept 3-Cil's bug drone on him, just in case.

It didn't take long before he was found by some locals who proceeded to rummage through his pockets and take anything of value, including but not limited to his boots. Shortly before dawn, he was picked up by a couple of Seattle's finest and taken downtown. Thankfully, the bug drone wasn't found and they were able to keep monitoring the ork as he was thrown into a drunk tank to sleep it off.

Conveniently, Niles happened to be at the police station looking information on the ork. From what RZR had tried to dig up, the ork was a ghost – no fingerprints or scans on file and his SIN, named John Smith, was only a few years old. Unfortunately for Niles, his friend the chief didn't have any more information but was more than happy to add the fingerprints they got from him to the system in case he popped up again somewhere else. His timing was otherwise good though as he was able to see an immaculately groomed elf in a high-end suit escorted the ork out of the cell and into a stately town car.

The ork and the elf traveled in silence but the tracking devices worked like a charm and led them to an upscale apartment complex in a nice part of town. A brief search by RZR revealed that not only was the building largely corporate housing for Ares employees but it was on top of the facility they had encountered in the sewers sometime prior. They pulled into the parking garage underneath the building which caused the signals on the tracking devices to start cutting out. Fortunately, the drone had been following them since the drunk tank and saw them parking then entering a secret elevator.

It was here in the elevator that the two finally spoke, the elf admonishing the ork for getting caught and the ork brushing it off as inconsequential. The elf ultimately agreed, insinuating that they had planted enough false information that they were in no real danger. He then surprised 3-Cil and those viewing the drone transmission when the elf focused for a moment and shorted the drone out with a faint electrical pop. Like his ork friend, there was apparently more to him than meets the eye.

Given the implications of all this, the group was now faced with a decision of what to do next. Ideas were tossed around like going into the woods until this blows over and hunting some critters for their magical bits, heading to Tokyo to do some runs and build up some money to buy better defenses, or pressing the Lazer Hawx for some information since they seem to have ties to Ares. What the right courses was, who knows, but it was apparent that they had to do something.


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