Shadowrun Seattle

Lazer Hawx

The day began like any other day – a debate about whether or not to perform massive brain surgery. After some more research, Nil and Evelyn seemed fairly convinced that they could successfully implant the mage killer's gland into someone, and of their friends, only 3-Cil seemed to be a viable candidate, mostly because he was the only one plausibly willing and wasn't already filled to the brim with 'ware. Unfortunately, that would all have to wait because the toilet of the Troll Mansion wasn't exactly the best place to perform open-brain surgery. Thus, Evelyn began scouting locations for what would eventually become her street clinic which would hopefully have more sanitary conditions.

Meanwhile, RZR continued to work on his drone, adding a stealth suit, a suite of sensors and cameras, and probably a lot of other stuff. Ella continued working at her brother's bar which was experiencing an unusual lull in excitement, only five people had to be beaten and thrown out during the week – what gives? Niles, ever the enigma, continued investigating the disappearance of his lover, though the leads were running thin.

3-Cil visited Kagayaku for both a social call and to check up on the status of the racing scene. Akira and Kaneda informed him that the Lazer Hawx had recently laid off and the first race in far too long was coming up with the prize being some of the Ares material their gang had managed to procure – big prize for a big race. Of course, 3-Cil couldn't resist and spent the next few days tuning up his bike.

The night of the race, the gang took the Troll Van or their various bikes out to the race site with RZR's drone flying overhead, streaming to everyone's comms and god knows where else. The track was an old, abandoned, and partially collapsed part of I-90 consisting of two cloverleaf exits and a nice stretch of straightaway, both an elevated bridge and the road underneath it. The starting line was flanked by the spectators' cars, the race itself being a car show and just general party as much as it was a race.

Before long, the race was on. The pack was tight until the first turn of the clover where 3-Cil managed to pull ahead, securing a comfortable lead into the first straightaway. That means he was also the first to see the the road before the next clover was blocked by destroyed cars and four large bikes lined with neon and spikes, their riders similarly attired with helmets that resembled birds of prey – the Lazer Hawx.

Not wanting to face them alone, 3-Cil eased off the throttle to rejoin the pack while communicating the situation to the rest of the group. The Lazer Hawx opened fire on the racers assault rifles and undermoutned grenade launcher, taking a couple of the racers out but seemingly trying to cause chaos as much as they were attacking. As the racers approached, they returned fire but to a much lesser effect, most bullets ricocheting off the gang's armor. Seemingly satisfied with their actions and not wanting to take any more fire, the Lazer Hawx drove off, their bikes screaming into the distance.

Nil positioned himself to a place where he could see the action both in person and through RZR's drone and cast a mana barrier to create a convenient ramp over the barricade. The remaining racers safely cleared the jump and sped after the gang. One of the Lazer Hawx broke rank and turned around, charging directly at the racers. Just as he was about to reach the pack, he leapt from his bike and deployed a massive set of metal and neon wings, catching the air and using some sort of propulsion to launch himself high into the air. No sooner did he do this that his bike exploded,engulfing most the racers in flame, though thankfully 3-Cil had the sense to hit the brakes once the charge occurred.

The race now over and the damage survey, there were multiple casualties, including 3-Cil's friend Kaneda. Putting his gumshoes on, Niles investigated the scene of the crime and found a piece of the explosives used to detonate the Lazer Hawx bike. The explosives had a remnant of a serial number which Niles was able to track as an Ares product – how very convenient.

The following way, whether determined to gain the power to face a new foe or to gain vegeance for his friend or perhaps just a little brain-addled, 3-Cil agreed to let Evelyn and Nil implant the mage killer gland into his brain. The surgery itself was a smashing success in so much that the organ was implanted successfully and 3-Cil didn't die. The results otherwise remained to be seen.


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