Shadowrun Seattle

Stranger Danger

Under normal circumstances, coming out of surgery is an already hard experience. When surgery was done in a street clinic by a couple of your friends, it's even more of a challenge. But when the bio-engineered magic gland they implanted into you activates a latent healing ability, things get a little better. When 3-Cil awoke from surgery, he found not only was his body healing much more rapidly than normal, his reflexes were quicker and balance better. The surgery was a success, though even with his newfound abilities he did still just have brain surgery so there was still plenty of pavement ahead of him on the road to recovery.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group was going about their lives in as normal a fashion as they come – Nil was learning kung fu, Evelyn was curing businessman and bro alike of unwanted hangovers, Ella grew bored bouncing at her brother's bar as there was very little excitement recently, Niles walked the black and white streets while a saxophone played in the background, and RZR continued doing god knows what on the matrix, including but not limited to changing his avatar to represent both a child and a pedophile.

Things spiced up a few nights later when the security system alerted Ella to an intruder at the Troll Mansion. Thankfully, she and most everyone was home. Ella rushed outside and, though she didn't catch the intruder unawares, she was much faster than him and managed to chase him down, tackling him to the ground and stunning him enough to bind his hands. Subdued, they brought the intruder to their gun basement for some questioning. And probably beating. Maybe some maiming? The night was young.

The intruder was a young ork, small for his kind but still quite big. He made a good show of acting like he didn't know what anyone was talking about when asked who sent him or what he was doing there, but the facade quickly fell away after Nil detected his magical aura – the ork was most definitely awakened, not as powerful as he or Evelyn but certainly more than some adept off the streets. Once he was found out, his belligerent innocent act quickly melted into a mask of snide stoicism.

This didn't sit well with 3-Cil who, after a few questions were answered with sarcasm, hauled off on the ork with a wrench to the gonads. Between this and the other beatings, the ork passed out. But that wasn't going to be the end of things as they convinced Evelyn to heal him so the beatings could continue.

While this was going on, RZR was doing his best to hack into the ork's comm but was finding it surprisingly difficult. It was clearly a top-of-the-line model but had security well above and beyond what those would typically come with. He enlisted the help of his hacker friend k1llahurtz to hack into it, giving him a copy of his private folder as payment; k1llahurtz gladly accepted. The two of them were able to crack the device but found an odd result – it was empty. The comm was brand new, still with all the factory settings aside from the enhanced security, and as far as the hackermen could find, no hidden software. Regardless, just to be safe, they wiped and reset the device.

About this time, Niles arrived back at the mansion where he found a package waiting. This made everyone understandably nervous as no one was expecting it, it had no labels, and it was deceptively light. Leaving the captive for a moment, the group took the package out back to deal with it as safely as they could. 3-Cil readied an insect drone to open the box while the mages constructed barriers, both mana and physical, to block any fallout that may come with opening it. All in all, it was rather anticlimactic for the amount of buildup as the box was largely empty, containing only a small foam package which itself contained a glass vial and a note. The note simply read "Drink Me In Times Of Need. 7234." The liquid in the vial was slightly cloudy and viscous, though no one was quite able to identify what it was.

That mystery solved for now, attention turned back to the basement and what to do with the unfortunate house guest.


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